July 2022

Archetype Thailand is taking action on the new road map of their CSR project: Green Road

Did you know plastic bottles, straws, and bags can be recycled and reused in building materials, including paving roads?

Archetype Group in Thailand initiated a CSR project called Green Road as a way to answer the call and join the global and national movement to reduce plastic pollution. One of the goals of Thailand’s roadmap on plastic waste management is that by 2027, 100% of plastic waste shall be reusable.   

As part of phase 1 of the CSR project, eight boxes of plastic waste (water bottles, straws, containers) were collected and donated to the Green Road Center, the social enterprise promoting Recycle-Road to Reduce Plastic Wastes on May 31. Because of the overwhelming support and positive feedback from the employees, Archetype Group in Thailand decided to carry on the campaign to donate more plastic waste in the future. 

The donation will go straight to the recycling centers and be turned into plastic bricks and blocks to pave the public roads in the country. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the employees who contributed to the success of this project.   

Archetype Group is committed to a more sustainable future. Here’s to shaping tomorrow!